I have a question

You can always get in touch to ask about anything at all. We jump at any opportunity to make our project better which means we love feedback.

Simply write an email to info@kittysplit.com or use the orange feedback tab to the right.

What can I use Kittysplit for?

Kittysplit is ideal for situations where a group of friends do something together and everyone is spending money for the group, for example a skiing holiday, a bachelor party or a naked picknick. It's a calculator for working out who owes what.

How do I start?

Go to this page to create a "kitty" for your event.

First, you have to give your event a name. Then enter the name of everyone who participated. Don't worry, you can edit everything later on. You also have to give a currency for the kitty: this determines what currency your expenses have. Multiple currencies per kitty are not possible. Yet.

After you've clicked on "Create Kitty" you can start entering expenses.

How do I add expenses?

Expenses are entered one at a time by clicking on the "Add Expense" button.

The tabs at the top allow you to choose between an expense paid for the group, transfer of money between participants, or incoming money for the group.

You must then choose who did the paying. You must also supply a name for the expense and of course the actual amount.

Below that, select who was involved. The default is that everyone is involved in an expense. To change that, click on "Split differently".

Can expenses be split unequally?

Yes. Click on the option "Split differently" under the "How Much" field.

You can then overide the default splitting strategy (splitting equally) and choose between splitting by a set amout (e.g. one person pays 10 USD and another 23 USD) or by percentage (one person pays 70% of the amount and the other 30%).

How does lending of money work?

Money lent from one person to another can also be entered into the kitty. Click on the "Add Expenses" button and then on the "Money Given" tab.

After that, it's very similar to entering an expense (see above).

What if the group receives money?

If the group has incoming money, for example a deposit that is returned, these transactions can be entered into a kitty too.

One person needs to be designated to receive the money. Click on the "Add Expenses" button and then on the "Income" tab.

After that, it's very similar to entering an expense (see above).

Who has seen the kitty?

The first time a person accesses a kitty, they will be asked to identify themselves. Once this has happened, we make a note that this person has seen the kitty and they get a green tick by their names. Otherwise, their name will have a grey cross.

How do I share the kitty with my friends?

Each kitty has its own special and secret link. People need this link to access the kitty. The link is the one you see in your browser's address bar. You can also click on "Share this kitty!" to show a dialog containing the link.

Send the link to your friends via email or chat and they can access the kitty too.

We strongly recommend that when creating your event, you supply your email address. This way we can send you the link to your kitty, making it much harder to lose.

By the way, we save kitties you have accessed in your browser's cookies. If you come back to Kittysplit's homepage with the same browser, it will show you a list of previously accessed kitties

How to settle debts

Kittysplit shows you the simplest way to settle all debts, ensuring that the number of transactions is kept to a minimum. It's a tiny little bit like magic.

A list of debt payments is always visible and is updated each time expenses are added or changed. Sometimes these payments may appear strange. Someone may end up owing money to someone else that they didn't actually pay for or lend to. You have to trust us on this one: it's always correct!

Here's a super easy example: Matt owes Paul and Pete 10 EUR each. Paul also owes 10 EUR to Pete. Instead of three transactions, this can be simplified to one: Matt gives Pete 20 EUR. Much simpler!

Example calculation

What does "Mark as settled" do?

Once have repaid a debt to someone, you can record it in the kitty by clicking on the "Mark as settled" button. This will remove your name from the debt list and a transaction will be added to the expense list.

This function is merely a convenience to make it easier to track who has and who hasn't paid their debt.

How can I edit or delete expenses or people or change the kitty name?

You can edit or delete expenses by first clicking on "View all expenses" and then clicking on edit for the expeses you want to edit or delete

To edit the kitty name, the currency, or to delete or add participants, clicking the "Edit" button in the top right.

Why the deuce is there not an app for Kittysplit?

An app would be great, yes. However, it would also be a huge amount of work and would not add that much value. Sure, it would allow offline splitting, but we're not convinced that it would be the best use of our time to implement this. Also, you can be online in most places these days, including when you're abroad.

Anyway, this is not to say there will never be an app, it just won't happen soon.

Kittysplit works on every platform, be it iOS, Android, Windows Phone, your computer at home or at the Internet café.

How can I export my data?

You can download all expenses as well as all balances from you kitty as CSV (which you can then import into Excel or Open Office).

Simply click on "Download kitty" at the bottom of the overview page.