Kitty n, pl Kitties

  1. diminutive name for a kitten or cat
  2. any shared fund of money

The Team 😺

We are based in Berlin and this is roughly what we look like:

Jonas Adler
Andreas Follmann
Luzian Wild

Former team members

Caspar Wrede, Matt Henderson, Paul Bünau, Bijan Latif and Pepe Ciardelli

The story

Whilst we were on a joint skiing trip in 2012 we realized that sharing costs within a group was a massive pain. One person had to volunteer to make an Excel sheet that somehow made sense of everything. But there was no way of sharing the workload, and the resulting sheet was so complex that understanding it was almost as hard as creating it.

We searched in vain for a painless online solution. One that was simple and worked without fuss or registration. Finally, we got together, drank beer and stroked our chins and set out to to make splitting costs as easy as humanly possible.

The result is Kittysplit. We made it in our spare time and some of us even taught themselves to code along the way. We were gobsmacked when people began using our little project and how the numbers continued to increase week by week.

It's been a hugely enjoyable journey so far it's far from over. Stay tuned!

Technologies & Services

Kittysplit could not have been made without the following technologies and services:

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