Looking to share rent and household expenses?

Kittysplit is the best way to keep track of all expenses in a shared house or flatshare

Los geht's

Useful for splitting rent, bills, food, and utility costs.

Kittysplit is the easiest way to share bills with friends. Period. No registration, no password, totally free.

Hier ein Beispiel

Jessica, Michael and Susan have moved into a house together. Jessica pays for the rent; Michael pays the gas & electricity bills; Susan pays for the week's shopping and internet.

Wer schuldet wem was?

Jessica creates a kitty on Kittysplit and adds her own expenses one at a time.

Das Kitty mit den anderen teilen

Once she's finished, Jessica sends an email with a link to the kitty. Michael and Susan can enter what they paid for.

Schulden begleichen

Everyone can then see how much they owe and to whom. They can settle up and make living together so much easier.

Kittysplit funktioniert auf allen Plattformen 🐱

Jedes Gerät mit einem ordentlichen Browser funktioniert einfach so. Es sind keine Apps notwendig.