Painless cashing-up for friends. No sign-up. Free.

Easily split group expenses. Use it for a stag weekend, sharing an apartment, a group vacation, a city trip, a party ... you name it!

Anonymous, no passwords, no spam and totally free!

Works on your Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

The easiest way of working out who owes what.

For example: Three friends go on a holiday together. Jack pays for everyone's ski hire, Jane pays the hotel for everyone and lends money to John, John pays for dinner

Now who owes what? Jack creates a kitty on Kittysplit and adds his own expenses one at a time.

Jack shares the link for the kitty with the others. John and Jane simply click on the link and can enter their expenses right away

Everyone can then see how much they owe to everyone else and can settle up! Super easy and very quick!